Charcoal portrait of Jessa

After a frustrating evening of trying to paint a  portrait with inadequate light I decided to do a study in charcoal. I forgot how nice it is to work in black and white.  I also found the old familiar dusty black chamois felt like an old friend.  I don’t know if everyone has this experience but I sometimes feel like I have connection with inanimate objects because of shared experiences we have had together.  The old chamois was with me through art school and countless hours of struggling at the benches and easels.  It was also with me during my formative classes with Tom Marsh.  He gave me encouragement and even compliments that fueled me and provide me inspiration till today.  I wish I could walk back into his class and spend a day drawing with him again…. but for now when I rub the chamois over the charcoal I feel a little of that experience again.

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