Take 2 Animation for the Amiga Computer

Site Purpose: Geert Vergauwe, The author of Take 2 Animation for the Amiga has gifted both the program and the source code to the Amiga community. I have made this web space available to help distribute the the files as well as act as a central hub for continued development of the program.


Also please note that Mr. Vergauwe has continued commercial development of animation software currently called Take5 which runs on PC and Mac. You can visit his site at:



Site Created: Oct. 12, 2015
Last Updated: Oct. 12, 2015
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The final commercial release of Take2 v2.108

The final source code in 68k assembler by the author.

DISCLAIMER: You use all of this software at your own risk. I assume no responsibility of any lost data, crashes or other events that may or may not happen due to the use this program or the modification of this source code. Geert Vergauwe has asked that we "The Amiga community", share what we do with the source code with him. A very reasonable request in my opinnon. As such, I request that modified builds be shared with me through the contact above so I can keep the author informed. Lastly, and very importantly, since Mr. Vergauwe continues to develop this software which has been re-written, commercially for Mac and PC, we must never use this source code to attempt to develop something on the those platforms in a commercial way.